Our priority is to make our guests feel comfortable and safe.

– We have several security measures for this purpose:

– A night watchman who patrols all night.

– The garden and common areas are illuminated all night long.

– All entrance gates and doors to the pool area are locked and can only be opened with a valid card.

– We have a safe in all apartments.

– There are smoke detectors in all apartments and always a fire extinguisher nearby.

– There are fire blankets in the apartments in order to smother any possible fire.

– Uniformed personnel are always available and are easily recognizable by their Sunsuites logo shirt.

– Measures to be followed by guests for greater security:

– Do not let strangers enter the resort, they should ring the bell at the front door and we will have more control over everyone.

– Be sure to register all guests in the apartment to have a better control of the people staying in case of an emergency.

– Sleep with the bedroom door open, but always with the security chain on, whether you have a balcony or a terrace.






– Keep calls, television and music at a noise level that does not disturb, out of respect for other guests.

– Do not use the furniture inside the apartment on the balcony/terrace. If you need extra chairs, please let us know at the reception desk.

– Smoking is strictly forbidden in the apartments, we reserves the right to charge 150 euros to clean the apartment in case of smoke . Smoking is allowed on the terraces/balcony if it does not disturb your neighbors, therefore you must ask permission from the neighbors above/below and next door before smoking on the balcony or terrace.

– Do not hang towels or other things to dry on the balcony railing. Use the clothesline in the apartment.

– Unregistered guests or guests exceeding the maximum capacity of the apartment are not allowed to stay. The resort reserves the right to cancel the reservation if this rule is not followed.

– Cats and pigeons are not allowed to be fed in the complex. These animals are problematic for us as many people with allergies stay here. 






 – No mats or balls are allowed in the pool.

– It is not allowed to reserve sun loungers and/or umbrellas. Towels or objects used to reserve sun loungers will be put aside if they are not used.

– Young children must ALWAYS wear swim diapers when swimming in the pool. If you do not have swim diapers, they are available for purchase at nearby supermarkets.

– There is no lifeguard at the pool, for your safety and the safety of others the glass doors to the pool must therefore ALWAYS be closed.

– Children may NEVER be left alone or unattended in the pool area, and parents/adults should ALWAYS be with their children in the pool area.

– Pool hours can be found on the pool area sign. The schedule varies with the seasons.

– For safety reasons, diving is not allowed in the pool.

– Swimming is prohibited when the pool lights are on.

– Life buoys are located around the pool.



At Sunsuites Carolina there is cleaning 5 days a week; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. On Thursdays and Sundays our maids are off and there is no cleaning.

If you would like less cleaning during your stay, just let reception know.

We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products at Sunsuites.


We change towels whenever you want, if you place your used towels on the floor, you will get new ones from our maids.

On Thursdays and Sundays, bring your towels to the reception and you will receive new ones.


To change your pool towels, bring your used towel to the reception and you will get new ones.

The maids do not change the pool towels.


Sheets can be changed as often as you wish.

A laminated poster hangs above one of the beds. Place it on the pillow and we will change the sheets.

On Thursdays and Sundays you will have to bring the sheets to the reception if you want to change them.


Please note that if you hang up your towels or if you do not put the laminated card on the pillow, we will NOT change towels and/or sheets.

At Sunsuites you can choose between summer and winter duvets. Just let us know at reception. 

If you find the pillow too hard, let us know at reception and we will change it for a softer pillow.





Reception opening hours are from 09:00 to 20:00. During the hours when the reception is closed we have a security guard who patrols the complex.



  +Pool opening hours vary depending on the time of year:

  – From May to September it is open from 09:00 to 20:00.

  – The rest of the year it is open from 08:00 to 20:00.




Check in time is from 14:00 onwards. If you arrive earlier and the flat is clean, you can check in earlier.

Check-out time is no later than 12:00 noon. If you wish to stay longer we have the option of late check-out for 35€. This option is subject to the flat not having a check-in on the same day.




At Sunsuites Carolina we are actively working to meet today’s environmental requirements and its intense debate.

+Among other things, we:

-Sort waste as much as possible

-Use energy-saving light bulbs

-Have installed water savers in all apartments

-Have made sure that you can save energy yourself by removing the key card from the power socket when you leave the apartment.

-Use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

-Mainly use biodegradable garbage bags.

-We are increasingly switching to “refill” systems to avoid unnecessary use of plastic and packaging.

You can also contribute to recycling!

Containers for recycling are displayed in several locations around Sunsuites Carolina.

You can deposit your sorted waste here yourself if you wish.




Out of respect for other guests, animals are not allowed in the complex. There are people who may have allergies or certain preferences, and therefore we cannot allow them in the complex.
The exception to this rule is pets. If you suffer from an illness or disability, you are entitled to bring your pet. In this case, please contact us before your arrival to make arrangements.





We are situated between two beaches in San Agustin, the nearest one is “Las Burras” beach, only 150 metres away. To the left is the beach of “San Agustín”, about 500 metres away.

+Be aware of the safety signs on the beaches:

– Red flag, bathing prohibited.

– Yellow flag, bathing is allowed up to hip height and with caution.

– Green flag, bathing allowed.

Beware of currents.

+Normally there is surveillance on these beaches:

– 10.00 to 19.00 from 16 June to 15 September.

– From 10.00 to 17.00 the rest of the year.

+Indicative prices for sunshade and deckchair hire on the beaches:

– Sunshade only, 3,50 euros

– Only sun lounger, 3,50 euros

– Parasol and 1 deckchair, 5,50 euros

– Parasol and 2 deckchairs, 9,00 euros.


The nearest hospital is the Clinica Roca, a private hospital in San Agustin, in the Rocas Rojas complex, approximately 500 metres from Sunsuites Carolina.

It is open 24 hours and the contact telephone number is 900 110 120 or 928 76 90 90 04.

The nearest health centre is located in Maspalomas, approximately 10 minutes by car.


There are two pharmacies in San Agustín. One is situated in the San Agustín shopping centre and the other in a shop near the Roca Clinic, next to the HiperDino Express. On their doors you will find the opening hours and information about weekend and public holiday opening hours.


There is a branch of the Banco Santander in the shopping centre, at the entrance to the taxi rank. Open from 09.00 to 14.00.


In front of the Sunsuites Carolina complex there is a blue zone car park.

The car parks in the shopping centre are free for the first hour, after which there is a charge.

In Calle de las Dalias, going up to the complexes Las Flores 1 and 2, parking is free of charge, even if it is painted blue.


At Sunsuites we accept payment in cash and by credit card, the cards we accept are VISA and MASTERCARD.


Sunsuites Carolina

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